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As I made my way to the gym this morning I saw something out of the corner of my eye that made my heart drop.  I did a double take and noticed a truck in a place a truck shouldn’t be.

I immediately flipped around and positioned my truck on the road above the ravine where the truck sat unmoving.  I briefly prepped myself for the worst and committed to helping in any way I could.

To my relief, there was no movement in the truck and no one was seriously hurt.  It appeared as if the wreck wasn’t as fresh as I had initially guessed.

Upon realizing there was nothing I could do to help, I continued on my way to the gym.  While driving I began to replay in my head what the driver must have experienced.  Although the crash appeared to have left he or she unscathed, getting this vehicle out of the mud and to a repair shop during the holidays was going to consume the majority of the day for this unlucky individual.

If you’ve ever experienced a wreck, you know how time consuming and frustrating it is to deal with a tow truck driver.  On top of most tow truck driver’s absolute lack of urgency, you are completely at the mercy of the company you decide to use.  The call is placed and then dispatched.  The driver is most often nowhere in the vicinity.  Though you are forced to accept service from the first company that answers due to your desire to get off the road and on with your day.

Oftentimes the driver shows up in a dumpy old truck, acts completely unprofessional, and makes you ask yourself why they let this guy out of prison.  The whole process is clunky and unprofessional.

Uber of Towing

How easy would it be to have an app already downloaded on your phone in case of emergencies?  With the touch of a button, tow truck drivers and companies in your vicinity would be alerted of your incident.  The app would show ratings and ETA of drivers in your area.  You select the driver, hit a button, and bam!  Someone is now on their way to help.

This would save tons of time, allow you to get a service without having to talk to a dispatcher and then continue to call over and over to see how close the driver is.  It would work exactly like Uber also in the sense that you would be able to see real time how close the driver was from arrival.  Payment would easily be done through the app as well.

Surge pricing would be a must.  If you aren’t familiar with how Uber does this it’s simple and genius.  At inconvenient times for drivers, prices go up for you, the customer.  Days like Christmas and New Year are days ordinarily meant to be spent with family.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that life stops and no wrecks or incident happen.  Charging higher prices during these inconvenient times incentivizes the drivers to be out and about and willing to provide service.  It also allows you the chance to get service and not have to experience the waiting game.

Uber took an outdated and inefficient industry and created something innovative and sexy.  Cabs and transportation are not supposed to be “cool.”  Uber found a way to make it this way.  As of right now, the towing industry is anything but appealing, but combined with technology and an easy to use app, this could change tomorrow.


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