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I consider myself an extremely optimistic person.  I can roll with the punches under almost any circumstances.  I simply enjoy living.  But there are a handful of things that bring out the worst in me.

Cold and snow sit atop the list.

Anything, anyone, or any place that forces me to interact with coldness and snow, has no place in my heart.  I avoid these events and geographical locations like the plague.

Today my nephew has a basketball game in Cedar City, Utah.  At this very moment, the temperature is a just over 20 degrees fahrenheit.  I’m anything but excited to be spending time there.


Coincidentally, my accountant is located in there.  He has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and is worth the trip.  I still use a dentist and an orthodontist whose offices are there also.

When I absolutely have to visit this place I try and make it brief.  Ideally i want to schedule all my appointments for the same day, during convenient times for me.

Not as easy as it sounds.  It’s time consuming and almost impossible.  Getting companies to squeeze you in for a specific day is hard enough, much less a specific time.  And if you try and do the scheduling last minute, no chance.

Scheduling Software

As if the case with many of my ideas, I admit upfront that there must be something of this nature already out there.  Perhaps not the exact product, but some variation of what I’m about to suggest.

Imagine a software product that allowed an individual to simply list the appointments that needed to be scheduled along with the most convenient times during that specific day.

Upon entering this data, the software checked the databases of all the companies you desired appointments with.  It then cross checked the availabilities and automatically reserved your spot for the time that made the most sense.

Other data, like proximity between the first appointment and the potential second appointment is used as well.  This would schedule the appointments in a way that would save you driving time too.

It could be an online tool, I personally picture it in the form of an app.

Of course the hard part would be creating a piece of software that could effectively communicate with other companies scheduling software products.  Ideally you simply create a product so good, every local service business in town has it.

Any product that allows individuals to buy back their time, and experience less pain (cold and snow) in the process, is a product worth pursuing.


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