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I woke up at 5:50 A.M. today.  I went to bed after midnight, and six hours isn’t enough sleep for me.  Interestingly enough I was in my bed before 11 P.M. last night.

I blame my iPhone.

In high school, while still living with my parents, my phone had to be turned in to them every night by a certain time.  This drove me absolutely nuts.  It made no sense to me.  It felt like I was being micromanaged.

I think they were on to something.

Quite honestly, my parents were more worried about me browsing into trouble late at night than they were about what time I went to sleep.  It appears they were killing two birds with one stone.

Arianna Huffington

Nearly every human on the planet has heard of the Huffington Post.

Recently, I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk (the king of social media) interview Arianna Huffington about her new book, “The Sleep Revolution.”  I was intrigued by her story, as well as many of the suggestions she gives to getting better sleep.

I’m paraphrasing a bit, but in short, Arianna spent a couple of years running on little to no sleep.  She found herself bought into the belief that is so commonly talked about among entrepreneurs.  The belief that running on very little sleep, day in and day out, somehow makes you a better entrepreneur.  It means you are tougher.  It shows the world you mean business.  It is only the elite that can pull it off.

Eventually she collapsed from exhaustion.  At her desk, she cracked her jaw on her way to the floor.  Sleep deprivation had set in.  Endless cups of coffee could no longer sustain her.  It was this event that triggered her.  It was time to find some answers.

She set out on a journey to find the best answers to all the most common questions regarding sleep.  In my opinion, she appears to have done so.

Turn Off Your Phone

Amongst a few other interesting suggestions, Arianna advises to make your bedroom “screen-free.”  Phones, tablets, laptops, and anything else with a lit up screen should be kept outside the bedroom.

She believes in this practice so much that she has created and sells a “bed for your smartphone” charging station.  A charging station that actually looks like a mini-bed.

I’ll likely never buy my smartphone it’s own bed, yet I agree 100% with the importance of keeping devices out of the bedroom.  

Much easier said than done.

Goodnight Smartphone App

I haven’t researched this idea at all, but I’m almost certain there must be multiple solutions for this.

How convenient would it be to have an app that put your smartphone to bed?  Talking figuratively of course.

Simply jump on and set the time you want your phone powered down.  There could be other options for those of you who truly can’t turn your phone off for possible emergencies.  Options like completely disabling every function of the phone, only allowing calls from certain numbers to come through.

I look at it like parental controls for adults.  An accountability tool.

Imagine sitting on your couch when all the sudden your screen goes black.  You look at the clock and realize it’s 10 o’clock.  This would undoubtedly be my cue to go to bed.  I would get more sleep, resulting in a more well rested body.  I would be happier and more productive as a result.

I daresay I would quit drinking Monster energy drinks.

That might be a stretch.

Sometimes the very thing that appears to be controlling us, is actually giving us our freedom.

Parents are always right.


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