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You often hear parents say that having kids changes everything.  I used to nod my head and agree.  Secretly I’d tell myself that it couldn’t be that hard to have kids.  

Turns out it’s 10 times more difficult than even the most pessimistic parents promised me it’d be.

What makes having kids so hard?  Planning.  Even the smallest of tasks take ridiculous amounts of planning.

As a single adult I could do virtually anything at anytime of my choosing.  If I felt like going to bed at 3 A.M. that’s what I did.  When I felt like catching a quick nap before the superbowl game, I made it happen immediately.

Kids throw decision making flexibility out the window.

Date Night

My wife and I recently had our second child.  Our first child is three years old.  Sincerely speaking, we have been on less than 10 dates since he was born three years ago.  Of course I am to blame for most of that, but the planning that is required to orchestrate a simple night out with my wife can oftentimes not seem worth the effort.

Both my parents and in-laws are great to offer help and would never turn us down when asking for help with the kids.  Unfortunately my parents don’t live down the street and my wife’s parents both still work.  On top of that, our goal is to keep a healthy relationship with both sets of parents and asking for babysitting multiple times a week doesn’t help.

The Gym

At our house, we do our best to workout five to six times a week to stay fit and healthy.  On an average day my wife and I will spend an hour each at the gym.  We are an eight minute drive one-way to the gym.  More often than not, three hours each day is what it takes to get our workout checked off for the day.

That’s 18 hours every week!  Almost three full days a month are spent either at the gym, driving to the gym, or watching the kids until the other person gets back.

Yes, the gym offers babysitting, but do you know what it’s like dealing with a sick infant?  Our baby is just over six months old and we just aren’t quite ready to put her in a germ-filled daycare.

Babysitting App

I’m unaware of the business name, but there is a company doing something similar to what i’m about to propose.  However they are almost solely in larger cities and have almost no presence in medium to small size cities.

 A beautiful business and product could and should be built using the Uber model.  

Let’s say I have a rough night with the kids.  I wake up late and am unable to get up before the sunrises.  I no longer have enough time to hit the gym, watch the kids while my wife goes, and then get ready for work.

I simply open up the app and create my profile.  Next, I go in and set my filters.  Pushing a single button would summon a vetted, local babysitter to my house for the time I’ve requested.

The filters could include:

  • Hourly price
  • Age
  • ETA
  • Experience
  • Reputation (rating on system)

The payment could be done right through the app, making it an easy and clean way to pay.  Among these 1099er’s would be college students looking to make a couple extra bucks on the side, stay-at-home mom’s, and possibly even a few responsible high schoolers.  

The ability to find a babysitter at any time, on the spot, would save me stupid amounts of time.

My wife and I could cut the time we spend with our gym routine each day in half.

Most importantly, this product would allow me to worry less about planning ahead and more easily enjoy a night out with my wife.


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