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I grew up on a farm.  Every summer morning (including July 4th) I worked.  I was taught how to do every “handy” thing your mind could conceive.

Simple stuff like mowing a lawn or changing the oil were givens.  Other more complicated and potentially dangerous things like operating heavy machinery were taught as well.

“I’m teaching you life skills you may one day need to use.”  My dad would repeatedly tell me.  I paid attention to what he did versus what he said he was doing.

I began to notice that though my father could solve nearly every farm related problem that came his way, he was very selective about how he chose to spend his time.

He never changed the oil in his truck himself.  When we needed a new barn, he hired it out.  When the dogs needed shots, the vet was called.  He valued his time above all else.

I began to watch and study not only my father, but others that were considered financially successful.  They spent their time in two ways:  beating at their craft and doing the things they loved.  Everything else was handled by someone else.  Not a Handy-Man

Call me lazy and ignorant, but I refuse to do tasks that I don’t enjoy doing.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Changing my own oil
  • Laying new flooring
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Hanging pictures
  • Landscaping
  • Shopping

Different Strokes For Different Folks

What do I find extremely intriguing?  The fact that there are people out there that do these things for a living.  There are even people out there who actually enjoy doing them.  

Diversity is beautiful.  

Why should I spend even 10 minutes doing something I hate?  That is 10 minutes someone else could spend doing something they love.  

Why not punt the things that bring us no happiness?  Focus instead on what we thoroughly enjoy.

What if there was a platform that allowed you to trade in the things you dislike for the things you enjoy?  If I own a web shop and you run a flooring company, and we both need what each other offers, why shouldn’t we trade services?

Bartering Platform

Inside the platform I would start by going and creating my profile.  This would include what I do professionally and for enjoyments sake.  You do the same.

When a task comes up that I can’t bear the thought of taking on myself, I post it to the platform.

I am automatically matched with the person in my geographical location who professionally offers my service.  If you aren’t looking for my service, the platform would bring in a third, or fourth person.  There would be a review system to ensure your happiness with the service provider.

I scratch your back and you scratch mine.  

Initially this could eliminate taxes.  The government would surely catch on and find a way to take a cut.  This is pure bartering at its finest.  

Sometimes moving forward means looking backward to see what worked in the beginning.  


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