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I spent four years selling home security systems door-to-door.  I was taught a lot of lessons.  I made a lot of mistakes.  More than anything else, I learned that people produce at a higher level when compensated based on their performance.  

When working on commission, if you don’t produce, you don’t eat.  On the flip side, if you find a way to produce at a high level, you eat like a king.

This is how all jobs should be.  It’s the very thing that drove me to quit all my hourly jobs and finally settle on a commission job.  You will hear people argue that these type of jobs are “risky.”  It’s always low producing individuals who are paid on salary that make this argument.

If you hustle and work your face off, it’s not risky and it’s a no-brainer.

I’ll save the argument on why I think the entire world should be paid based on performance.  

Performance Based Pay Software

Here’s the idea:

A tool, using technology that creates performance based payscales for your company.  Certain metrics would be asked for.

For example:

  • How many people the position is responsible for
  • How many hours a week is required to do an excellent job
  • What numbers can be used to measure the performance
  • Standard of excellence for certain areas
  • Incentives that would inspire that individual

Upon inputting this information, a performance based pay scale would be spit out ready to implement.

Business owners would cut away the fat in their companies.  They would soon realize the same work could be accomplished by half the employees.  It would allow for the high producing employees to be rewarded handsomely and would force them to operate at a much higher level.  These same employees would be more invested and have more skin in the game.  They would recognize their individual contribution mattered.

If the expectation in life was that compensation was directly tied to performance, we would experience a lot less apathy and a much more enriched life.


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